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Car and Bike Display at Falcon Square

Lot’s of Harley’s and a Ferrari


Boats out of the water for winter

The cranes were at Fortrose and Avoch Harbours this morning taking the boats out for the winter.

Crane at Avoch hARBOUR

Golf on the Wii

Great time on Friday night playing the Wii Golf game.

Played Turnberry when it was blowing a gale and pouring rain (linking to real-time weather).

Couldn’t reach the fairway on a couple of holes (too strong a wind) and puts were coming up short due to the wet greens.

Had a few sips of beer at each hole so scores didn’t matter too much!

Turnberry in the wet

Autumn harvest

That’s the last of the new potatoes lifted, along with some carrots and apples.

Got some brambles too.

Autumn produce

Treasure Hunt

Up early this morning to ‘plant’ treasures for the Saturday Club kids to find.

Treasure in the woods

Blown ashore

The ‘Rusharound’ is tied down after the gales on Monday night, awaiting a high tide to re-float.


Overturned boat in Fortrose Harbour

Work to right an overturned boat in Fortrose Harbour after the high winds.
Overturned boat in Fortrose Harbour